Colors in Chinese

Mandy and Pandy Play “What Colors Do You See?” is the fifth book in the Mandy & Pandy series. Your kids will start to learn Chinese effortlessly as you read together. Mandy and Pandy have decided to play a new game this time. A game where they name different objects around a lake and say what colors they are. You and your child will learn all the colors of the rainbow in Chinese as well as some other bonus vocabulary. As usual the included audio CD can help you perfect your Chinese pronunciation.

Prepare Your Kids For the Future with Chinese

Chinese nowadays is becoming close to equally important as the English language, especially in business. Anytime we hear or see from news around the world, we hear about how China is emerging as the world's leading manufacturer and supplier of a great number of enterprises all over the world as well as many other industries. China's economic growth is moving very fast. Because of this, most of these enterprises are already requiring employees to speak, write and understand not only the English language but Chinese as well. A great place to start learning Chinese is when you are young and we hope the resources we have help you and your kids learn Chinese.
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